Call for Papers

Call for 300 Words Abstracts 

ICAA18 invites all interested individuals to submit 300 words abstracts to be considered for Oral or Poster presentations.

Please use the template shown below to complete your 300 words abstract and submit it via the abstract registration system. 

The due date is December 1, 2021. 



  1. Modeling & simulation 
  2. Casting, solidification, recycling & refining 
  3. Additive manufacturing
  4. Foams & composite materials 
  5. Mechanical properties & advanced processing 
  6. Thermomechanical processing, texture & recrystallization 
  7. Heat treatment, phase transformations & precipitation 
  8. Corrosion & surface treatments 
  9. Joining, emerging processes & multi material 
  10. Advanced characterization 
  11. Aluminium & its alloys for zero carbon society




Early Career Researchers (ECR) & Poster Awards 

Following the same spirit as ICAA international committee, ECR awards will be distributed on the basis of the quality of their scientific research and on their ability to communicate these results. If you wish to apply for the ECR award, please indicate your willingness when submitting the 300 words abstract. The poster award is also distributed for the poster presentation. 
>>Please click here for the ECR details. <<


One Page Abstract 

The one-page abstract will be required for all of the presenters after registration of 300 words abstract for presentation. The due date is May 31, 2022. 


Special Issue 

The special issue published on Materials Transactions (MT), which is co-managed by the Japan Institute of Metals will be concerned for the authors who would like to publish their paper on MT. That information also will be announced on the conference website.